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The Miele Professional Wet Cleaning solution is called WetCare. WetCare is a modern garment cleaning process based on highly sophisticated technology developed by Miele Professional and detergent manufacturer Kreussler.

WetCare is the modern alternative to Dry Cleaning. It is a unique process made up of 3 parts; Miele Professional equipment, Kreussler detergents and Specialist finishing equipment.

Wet Cleaning is often described as the green / eco alternative to dry cleaning and we believe WetCare is the leading Wet Cleaning application within the industry.

Some Key Benefits:

Watch Our Video of the WetCare solution...

"The Miele WetCare system has changed everything. We have been able to enhance our product offering without financial impact to our customers and improve health and safety conditions for employees, customers and the community. I believe that this new method of cleaning will eventually phase out conventional chemical cleaning. It just makes sense and my customers love it"

Kem of Dry Cleaning by Olivia Palmers Green

What we are able to offer;

As one of only a few hand-picked Miele Professional Partners dotted around the country we can provide you with the following;

Your next step...

WetCare is a simple concept but there are a few options available to you so we strongly advise discussing your requirements with one of our specialists who can talk through the available solutions. WetCare is all about the whole process and not just picking a machine off a webpage and having it delivered. We would ideally discus your initial requirements and then arrange a site visit to understand and advise on the WetCare setup. We can then guide you through the process with full disclosure of what is required. We can also arrange for you to visit an existing WetCare site which will showcase the equipment and WetCare process in action. Please call for further information.