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Miele - PG8055 Speed Commercial Dishwasher

Miele - PG8055 Speed Commercial Dishwasher

Miele - PG8055 Speed Commercial Dishwasher

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Some professional machines are simple, some aren’t so. Water, electrics, drainage, gas regulations are just some of the variables to a professional machine. Every machine & site are different. With a brief conversation and if required a free site survey we’ll ensure you get the right machine at the very best price.


This Dishwasher Is Available To RENT or PURCHASE - Total Cover Service & Maintenance Packages Available From 12 - 96 months

The fully commercial Miele PG8055 Speed professional dishwasher is the direct replacement for the hugely popular Miele G7855. Commercial freshwater dishwashers within the commercial market are still a unique product Miele has really made it's own. This dishwasher still uses fresh water rather than the traditional tank system used in most catering environments. The most important feature of the Miele freshwater system is the complete change of water between the different stages of the wash programme. This ensures a consistent level of cleaning and very high standards of hygiene throughout the process.

There have been a number of major improvements made on the new PG8055 Speed model. It features a simple 3 button operation, faster cycle times, easier maintenance, reduced water consumption, more baskets options to suit every need, 11 programmes and a 20% increase in load cycle capacity.

This commercial freshwater dishwasher is an ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, care & nursing facilities, hospitals, NHS sites Schools, Day Nurseries and various leisure facilities.  

Main Features:  

  • WRAS Approved to Category 5 Risk
  • Shortest Cycle Time - 9 mins*
  • Simple 3 Line Touch Display for Easy Operation
  • Made In Germany - Quality Engineering and Product Reliability
  • Two Racks Levels for Greater Throughput
  • Freshwater Dishwasher - ensures cleaner more hygienic results than a standard catering dishwasher.

Why a Freshwater dishwasher over a traditional tank dishwasher???

Like no other dishwashing system, Miele's fresh water circulation system ensures consistently high levels of cleaning performance by taking in fresh water between individual phases of a programme cycle. This replacement of water prevents any build-up of food debris and thereby meets the highest demands regarding perfect cleaning. A powerful heater pump with a maximum throughput of 400 l/min ensures intense water circulation and the excellent distribution of rinse aid for a sparkling finish. 

The benefits of the fresh water dishwasher principle

Frequency of use, quantity and type of load as well as on-site installation conditions determine which dishwasher represents the best match in a particular commercial application. Here, Miele's technical fresh water circulation concept excels by combining performance, hygiene and efficiency in one and the same machine in the most exemplary of ways.  


• Highest efficiency up to 40 cycles per day

• Load-specific programmes with adapted process parameters

• Water heating only during cycles

• Optimum use of cold and hot water

• Integrated water softener 


• Short programme cycle lasting up to 9 mins. for two baskets - double capacity to a normal dishwasher

• Large cabinet with two rack levels for maximum capacity

• Consistently high cleaning performance and a spotless finish in all cycles

• Mixed load with crockery, glasses, cutlery and pots and pans

• Height-adjustable upper basket • Versatile lower basket for plates with a diameter of up to 330 mm


• Reliable margins of hygiene offered by disinfection programmes and very high final rinse temperatures

• Integrated aerosol steam condenser for the gentle drying of crockery 

The Miele PG8056 is faster alternative if you have both a hot and cold water supply in situ. For healthcare, nursing or hospital environments the Miele PG8059 Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher may be your ideal solution.

Casing Options - White

Available In Single Phase 32A

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