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Miele - PT 8803 Commercial Vented Tumble Dryer (32-40kg)

Miele - PT 8803 Commercial Vented Tumble Dryer (32-40kg)

Miele - PT 8803 Commercial Vented Tumble Dryer (32-40kg)

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Some professional machines are simple, some aren’t so. Water, electrics, drainage, gas regulations are just some of the variables to a professional machine. Every machine & site are different. With a brief conversation and if required a free site survey we’ll ensure you get the right machine at the very best price.


This Tumble Dryer Is Available To Purchase or Rent

The Miele PT8803 is a premium 800 litre (32-40kg / 75lb) commercial tumble dryer, fully loaded with all the latest energy savings features and technologies to save you the end user as much as possible. The PT range of dryers are built to the Miele philosophy of 'Forever Better'. Made In Germany to the highest manufacturing standards you expect quality and reliability as standard and that is what you get with a Miele. The PT8803 dryer is at the forefront of tumble dryer technology and offer many unique features which have been developed by Miele over recent years. Features such as direct air intake duct, air recycling system, honeycomb drum and moisture sensor drying all help speed up drying times whilst reducing energy consumption, often saving the user £1000's in the long run. Available as Gas Heat or Electric Heat this dryer offers unbelievably low energy consumption compared to any other dryer on the market. 

Main Features: 
Load capacity 32-40kg
Profitronic B Plus controls; simple & clear to understand & operate 
Honeycomb drum, 800 l capacity
Residual Moisture Control - stops the drying process once the desired moisture level is reached.  
Air Recycling - approx. 60% of the warmed air is re-used for the drying process - incredible savings!
Honeycomb Drum - extends fabric life
Reversing Drum - reduces tangling and speeds up drying times
Direct Air Intake - rather than a large cold air intake in the door / wall duct air in using standard ducting  
H/W/D (mm) 1640 x 1206 x 1384
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As with all commercial appliances we recommend a free site evaluation to ensure you have the correct machine for your needs and to ensure your services such as water, electrics and drainage are correct. However a good starting point would be to give our team a quick call and we can run through the machines suitability for your requirements and services.

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