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Miele - PT5137 WP Commercial Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (6.5kg)

Miele - PT5137 WP Commercial Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (6.5kg)

Miele - PT5137 WP Commercial Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (6.5kg)

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Some professional machines are simple, some aren’t so. Water, electrics, drainage, gas regulations are just some of the variables to a professional machine. Every machine & site are different. With a brief conversation and if required a free site survey we’ll ensure you get the right machine at the very best price.


This Tumble Dryer Is Available To Purchase or Rent

Miele's range of 'Little Giant' tumble dryers, PT 7135c and PT 7136 have now been joined by the superb PT5137 WP Heat Pump Dryer. All of these machines are the ideal entry level dryers for small, in-house laundries. Featuring a wide range of standard programmes they also offer a good selection of additional functions and programmes to suit a wide range of applications. Heat pump technology is a relatively new concept to the UK but has already been adopted on the continent due to the environmental, economic and performance benefits that are achieved. Heat pump technology is definitely the future.

How is the PT5137 WP different and what are the benefits?

Like a traditional condenser tumble dryer the PT5137 WP does not require venting to atmosphere. However where the benefits really start are in the drying process.

The heat pump dryer has 2 heat exchangers at the rear of the machine. First of all the dryer works on a closed circuit which makes it very efficient because there is very little wastage from the exhaust. The first exchange cools and then dehumidifies the warm, humid air. The cool dry air enters the second heat exchanger where it is heated then passed through the drum using the axial airflow system. The warm 100 % dry air as it passes through the drum absorbs the moisture and extracts the humidity and condensates the vapour away and into a drain. The energy created here is captured and re-used to heat cold dry air in the first exchange. This is where a lot of the efficiency savings are made. A traditional dryer heats the air and then expels this air to atmosphere which is a very expensive and a wasteful use of energy.

The heat pump system uses dry air rather than hot air to dry your laundry. This is a lot gentler on the fabrics and a lot cheaper in energy costs than the traditional method of high heat, vented dryers.

Main Features:  
Heat-Pump Drying System - No Ventilation Required.
Moisture Sensitive Drying for optimum efficiency
Load capacity: 6.5 kg
Honeycomb drum, volume: 130 litres
Lower installation costs - no masonry work, vents or ducting required
This machine will dry in approx. half the time of a conventional condenser dryer. 
Approx. 50% electricity savings achieved compared to a conventional condenser dryer.
H/W/D (mm) 850 x 595 x 727

Casing Options - White or Stainless Steel

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As with all commercial appliances we recommend a free site evaluation to ensure you have the correct machine for your needs and to ensure your services such as water, electrics and drainage are correct. However a good starting point would be to give our team a quick call and we can run through the machines suitability for your requirements and services.

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